The Lillian Reynolds Reeher Library

At your disposal for research, or simply informative relaxation, this room has a vast collection of reference material on local and county history. It houses the Civil War Diaries of Ranals Craig, an early resident. In addition, there are pictures and documentation of all the homes on all the streets in Grove City, and ways of tracing who lived in these houses and owned and operated town businesses back into the early 1900’s and some into the 1800’s. There are college and high school yearbooks from the early 1900’s and wedding pictures taken by local photographer, Dusty Rhodes. There’s the catalog of negatives and prints for researching the Giesman and Curry collections of photos. If Carl Giesman or Jack Curry ever took a picture of a member of your family, we probably have the negative as the entire collection of their work is housed at the Society. (Rm.Mgr.- Jane Cleary –