The Grove City Area Historical Society and Museum does accept donations of historically and personally significant items based on a number of criteria. Please read the policy below to find out if your item could be a potential donation.

The Mission of the Grove City Area Historical Society and Museum (GCAHSAM) is to preserve the history, heritage, and supporting artifacts of the Grove City Area.

  • Items must generally be crafted, created, manufactured, or produced by, or have historical and/or personal significance to residents in  Grove City Borough, Pine Township, Liberty Township, Springfield Township, or Wolf Creek Township.  Exceptions will be considered.
  • Objects should have an intrinsic historic or artistic importance.
  • The GCAHSAM must be able to address the needs of the object including, but not limited to, storage, conservation, and use.
  • Objects accepted for the permanent collection shall not be encumbered with restrictions regarding display, storage, conservation, use, or de-accession.
  • There must be no doubt the donor is the rightful owner of the object and that the object is free of any legal encumbrances.

A copy of our complete “Collections Policy” is available upon request.