Heritage Tree Honorees

Jean Brown

The John Sample Family

Hermann and Florence von Ende

The Dr. Daniel Gallagher Family

Deborah Lynn Gerlach

John and Mary Jane Scott

Kathleen & David Cashdollar Family

Henry T. Limberg Jr.

The Gordon Family

Edna Fay McCoy

Beverly K. Montgomery

Ted Hines   Pine Instrument Co.

Carolyn & Paul Rizza

Frank & Ruth Hoffman

Emily Harshaw Scott

Ben & Marie Phillips

The Fred Segaty Family

Joel Andrew Bigley

Nancy Mae Rankin

Hulbert Family

LaVerna (Mickey) Edmiston

Albert Snyder Shaner

Bill and Dee Lewis

Dean Kildoo

Lillian Millsop

Robert St. John Family

L. and Anna Dumbroski

Paul and Lois McClenahan

Charles (Mac) McClenahan

John and David Dumbroski

Donald and Georgia McIntire

June McClelland

Hal and Mary Ann McCracken

Barry E. Lynch

Miff & Madeleine McBride

GCHS Class of 1958

Cummings Family

Charles Irwin Hamilton

Lee and Dee Cunningham

Gary and Judy Cunningham

Mike and Janice Cunningham

Bruce and Dot Kimes

Grove City Middle School 8th Graders

Jean & John Struble

Susan Louise Brown, R.N.

Vern & Bertie Emhoff

Robert & Lucille McCandless

Arthur Armour Family

Dr. Thomas Armour Family

Doris M. Webster Elliott

Robert and Laurie McCandless

Annabelle Hamilton

Dot Schettler

Donald Beightol

Paul and Ellen Truran

Linda Beatty

Paul and Cindy Truran

Chuck and Carolyn Truran

GCHS Class of 1959

The James E. Longnecker Family

William & Teri Ketler

Robert Steinman Roll

Russell Boggs Roll

In loving memory of Kay Caro lShaw

Linda Beatty

Herman A. and Grace Walters

Loyal and Betty J. Walters

Dr. Jonathan B. and Hilda Perrine

In Memory of Shelley (Wible) Surrena

In Memory of Lillian Millsop

George Junior Republic BARJ Unit

Norman and Virginia Turner