Grove City Area Annotated Timeline

The Grove City Annotated Timeline is presented by decades. Clicking on the decade of interest will open that segment of the timeline.

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Early 1600+

Mercer County Background

Indian Settlement
The Treaty of Fort Stanwix
A National Humiliation
Donation Land
Early Public Houses
The Establishment of Mercer County
Development of Townships in Mercer County
Development of the Communities in Mercer County
Black Settlement in Mercer County


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Venango Path
Early Settlers
Valentine Cunningham
Cunningham Gristmill
William Montgomery
Deniston Family

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Mercer County Census
Cunningham Sawmill
Wolf Creek Township
Wolf Creek Tax List
Road from Mercer
Early Taverns
Glenn Mill

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Robert Moore Gristmill

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1822 Map
Old Stone House
Johnson’s New Lodge Inn

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Subscription School
Free School
Methodist Meetings

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Wolf Creek Post Office
Pine Grove Village
Methodist Episcopal Church
Presbyterian Church
Springfield Township
Creation of Lawrence County

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1850 Map with Pine Grove
Black Furniture and Undertaking
Pine Township
Liberty Township
James Cunningham House
Union Hotel
Thompson Preparatory Classes

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Civil War Recruitment
Francis Marion Craig
Civil War Veterans Return
John R. Cunningham
Dickson Private Academy
Erie and Pittsburgh RR
Norman Maxwell
Joseph Newton Pew
Craig, Dale and Company

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Business Census
Montgomery Broom
Shenango & Allegheny Railroad
Telegraph Service
Ketler “Select School”
McKay Carriage Company
Pine Grove Presbyterian Church
Academy Building

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Grove City Borough Incorporated
Burnett Coal Vein
Lock Mill
The Pine Grove Bank
Pine Grove Telephone
Filer Hotel
William J. Harshaw
Telephone Service
Grove City Banking Company
Hallville Mine
Union Heat and Light Co.
Rhodes and Redmond
Grove City College

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Broad Street Fires
McCoy and Peasale
Uber House
Christ Reformed Church
Mission of the Holy Cross
Imperial Company
Water Works Established
Carruthers-Fithian Clutch Co.
Bessemer Gas Engine Co.
Roman Catholic Mass
Coyer Mines
Harshaw Real Estate and Insurance
First National Bank of Grove City

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Bessemer Foundry Co.
Mount Olive Baptist Church
Hunter Dairy
Municipal Electric Plant
Grove City Fire Department
Coal Mining
Grove City Savings and Trust
George Junior Republic
King Planing and Supply Co.
Barmore Lake Association
Orrin Osborne Bashline
Grove City Hospital
Carnegie Library
Fire Hydrants
The Nickelodeon
Wayside Inn
The Commerical Club
DeFrance Drug Store
Moon Brothers Garage
PA State Guard Armory
Slippery Rock & Grove City RR
Hercules Specialty Co.
First Baptist Church
Grove City National Bank
Chamber of Commerce
Grove City Street Railway

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Good Citizens League
Dysentery-Typhoid Fever Epidemic
Coal Mining
Bashline and Rossman Hospital
Grove City Country Club
Police Department
Bessemer Motor Truck Co.
Pioneer Diary
Merry Widow Train Wreck
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Standt Fatal Air Crash
Grove City Creamery
Johnstone Foundries
Grove City Brass and Bronze
8CO Broadcast
Nemo Bottling Works
Anderson Insurance
Dairy Cattle Shows
Industrial Directory
Union Telephone Service
GCC War Effort
Kelly Sisters

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Speakeasy Era
Memorial Park
Radio Broadcast
Burdick Newspapers
Geoge J. Howe Grocery
Montgomery Builders
Margaret Williams
Cooper-Bessemer Corporation
Grove City Floral Company
W.M. Bashlin Co.
Five Filer Bros.
Carruthers Park
Rotary Club
Kiwanis Club
Church of the Beloved Disciple
GC College Upper Campus
GCC and Olmstead Bros.
Penn Grove Hotel
Bowie Coal Company
Kelly Flight
Guthrie Theater
Cooper-Bessemer Merger

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Chestnut Street Bridge
Wendell August
James McCausland
Natale Rossi
Arthur Armour
Ted Uber
James DePonceau
Palmer Smith
Arthur Palmer
Book Davis Company
Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian
Grove City Machine Shop
Young’s Dairy
Cunningham Funeral Home
Grove City Alliance Church
Original Grove City Airport

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Grove City Fire Dept. Charter
GC National Guard Activated
GC College Naval Training School
Cooper-Bessemer Wartime
SS Grove City Victory
GC Joint Consolidated School District
Holter Bus
Henry T. Limberg Company
Filer Auto Body
Christian Science Society
Lions Club
Grove City Highland Band
Hall Lineman’s Supplies

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Grove City Area Credit Union
McMullen Bus Station
Hovis Trucking
Arcweld Manufacturing Co.
Pine Grove Golf Course
Grove City Community Library
Grove City Bowl-O-Drome
Costello Candies
General Electric
McGill, Power, Bell, and Associates
Willow Hills Golf

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Pine Instrument Company
SATEC Systems, Inc.
Calcium Chloride Sales, Inc.
Allied News
Grove Manor
Bryer Appliance Store
Filer Heating and Plumbing
Mercer County Vo-Tech
Interstate 80

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General Electric
Armstrong Cable Television
Grove City Municipal Airport
United Community Hospital
Joden Jewelers
Jubilee Christian School
Grove Manor
Thomas Construction
Tri-County Industries, Inc.
College View Towers
Neely, Cashdollar and Assoc.
Adobe Mining Co.
Osborne Landfill
Hillcrest Nursing Center
Steigerwald’s Inc.
Wendell August Forge

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General Electric Diesel Plant
Pine Grove Square Plaza
Ithen Global
Borough Building/Public Library
Riverside Market
Grove City Paving
Florence E. MacKenzie Award
Grove City United Way
TMS Physical Therapy
County Market
Pine Twp. Engine Company
Grove City Agway
Red Rose Inn
Trader Horn
Davevic Benefit Consultants

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Grove City Literacy Council
Ivex Packaging Corporation
Strawberry Days
GC Factory Shops – Prime Outlets
Carbis Walker and Associates
US Investigations Services
Cooper Cameron
Liquor sales in Veterans Clubs
Grove City Realty
Grove City Water Plant
Cooper Cameron Corp.
Grove City Area Historical Society
Earth Sun Moon Trading Co.
Superior Ambulence
Gear Racewear, Inc.

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GC History Society Building
Slovak Folk Crafts
Downtown Renovation
GC College Facilities Expansion
Cooper Industrial Commons
Born 2 Run
Grove City Sears
Central Heating and Plumbing
Liquor Sales to General Public
Blue Ribbon Tavern
Alcoa Reynolds Packaging
Graham Memorial Veterans Bridge
Garden Avenue Fire
Downtown Murals
Wolf Creek Restoration
Hazy Construction
Siegfried Construction
Hovis Auto and Truck Supply

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Premium Outlets
Wendell August Fire
Olde Town Sculpture project
Library Addition
Tri-County Landfill
Downtown Sculptures
Grove City College Project
Grove City Credit Union Project

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