Acquisitions Policy

If you would like to donate any items to the Historical Society, please print out and complete the form below. Then, submit the form along with your donation to the Historical Society.

Deed of Gift

The Grove City Area Historical Society has accepted with sincere gratitude and appreciation:

(description of item)

Received by:__________________________________ Title______________________________
(for Grove City Area Historical Society)

I, the undersigned, hereby offer to the Grove City Area Historical Society,
a private, non-profit organization located in the Borough of Grove City, Mercer
County, Pennsylvania, as an unrestricted Gift the materials described above, to
which I have clear title. I assign both physical and literary rights of the
item(s) unless covered by prior copyright restrictions, to the Grove City Area
Historical Society. This gift is made with no limiting conditions or restrictions
and such materials may be exhibited, stored, loaned, maintained, reproduced or
otherwise dealt with at the sole discretion of the Grove City Area Historical
Society, including the ultimate disposition thereof.


(Donor’s signature)

Donor’s Name:___________________________________________________________________


City:_________________________________________ State: ______  Zip Code ______________

Phone: (_____)_______________________

For internal use only

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