Grandma Left the Light On


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Grove City folks built ordinary homes and businesses and then set out to do extraordinary things. All of us here in Grove City, generation after generation, benefited from those who lit the way.

These are the stories.

This 8×10.5″ hardback book contains more than 138 pages and local duo-tone photos.

Excerpted from back cover:

“The theme of “Grandma Left the Light On” came from Donna Baker who told us that Arminda Montgomery Shawgo always left the hall light on until the last of her dozen children was in for the night. Arminda was the matriarch of two Grove City building firms, Montgomery’s and Shawgo’s. We thought that expression, “Grandma left the light on” is symbolic of all those who came before us and left the light on for us, whether in our homes or businesses.”






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